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Mayaki Trading

Electrification of Niger with solar energy

With affordable payment plans to support energy services, the access to electricity in rural Niger can speed up. This project will provide 6000 solar home systems with a pay-as-you-go solution.

Since 2016, Mayaki Trading has been very active in the renewable energy sector of Niger. The services include distribution of SHS (Solar Home Systems), solar pumps and other solar components in rural and peri urban Niger. They have been accredited at the Ministry of Energy level in the field of renewable energy, as well as at the level of the Ministry of Planning.

Rural Spark is a Dutch Solar Home System manufacturer founded in 2013. They facilitate distribution partners with the right tools to enable energy access. They offer a complete ecosystem of solutions, that consists of reliable technical solutions, software and access to finance programs to receive products and services with minimal effect on cashflow or benefit from their on-site service.




Mayaki Trading

Renewable energy
Total project budget
€ 1,259,023
Amount grant
€ 200,000
Year grant
Project status
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