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The results of the external BPF mid-term review are positive and encouraging to continue on the same path

As foreseen at the start, an external mid-term evaluation of BPF took place. The fieldwork for this evaluation was conducted by local consultants, coordinated by Geert Phlix (ACE Europe) and Pol De Greve (I&S Consulting).

The evaluation was built up from case-based evidence in 5 projects complemented with data gathered at BPF portfolio level (through interviews and document study), a cross-sectional assessment (desk study) of 16 approved projects and e-surveys of (1) selected project stakeholders and (2) preselected projects that eventually were not retained by the independent jury.

The review concluded that BPF is a workable and relevant model to support the realisation of SDGs in countries in the south. BPF is a successful model that is responding to a clear need and interest of private sector in the target countries, as proven by its success in the number of applications from local companies.

As the sixth call for projects has already been launched, some changes resulting from the external evaluation will apply to the next selection round in autumn 2021.

Download the full report